Though he’s not quite in the same realm as Robin Williams in translating subtle comic elements throughout a dramedy, Will Ferrell’s attempts to nail more toned down roles have their merits, as showcased in films like Stranger Than Fiction. We’re assuming it’s a similar case for Everything Must Go, which has garnered more positive than negative reviews after its various festival showings.

The story, inspired by a Raymond Carver short, tells of Nick Halsey (Will Ferrell)'s crumbling life; he's an alcoholic who gets fired from his job and returns home to discover his wife has thrown all his stuff on the lawn. As a result, he has no choice but to hold a somewhat enforced yard sale. Luckily, the weather’s sunny, and two friendly neighbors greet him—Samantha, played by the lovely Rebecca Hall, and Christopher Jordan Wallace (Biggie’s son!). As expected, with the help of his newfound surrounding, Nick discovers the meaning of life and moves on from his troubling past. 

The trailer focuses on the film's more cheerful aspects, but we’re certain it has some more serious elements. A well-groomed balance of those two attitudes sounds like a smart move for Ferrell, who, aside from Step Brothers, has been off his funnyman game as of late.

It certainly seems like a worthy choice to check out on May 13th.