After EA scrapped the release of NBA Elite 11 last year, everyone wondered what they were going to do to put an end to the NBA 2K franchise's continued dominance. Well, now we have the answer: they're just gonna bring that sonofabitch down from the inside. Minutes ago, we received a statement from EA claiming that they've bought the 2K Sports division of Take-Two Interactive, and are rebooting the franchise as—are you ready for this?—a family-friendly minigames collection.

"In order to bring the EA Elite to the forefront of basketball gaming," the statement says, "a titan must fall. That doesn't mean the end is here for the storied NBA 2K series, however, as we're giving real gamers what they want: a game they can play with their kids!" Looks like NBA 2K12 will be Kinect-compatible, and the only multiplayer it'll feature will be local 2-player co-op. And from the cover, it's clear they're not playing. 

Happy April Fools!