We talk a lot about phones. A lot. But with all that gets written about the little slabs of plastic and silicon and the amazing things they can do, it's easy to forget what ostensibly is their main purpose: Making calls.

If you're anything like us, you probably don't make as many calls as you used to. In fact, we'd be surprised to meet someone who had talked on the phone with more than 10 percent of the people they regularly interact with online via Facebook, Twitter, email and the like. With that in mind, the women of Jezebel have taken it upon themselves to provide a refresher course in "Mastering the Lost Art of Actually Talking on the Phone."

In a hilarious but also sadly on-the-nose how-to, Anna North speaks to an etiquette expert and reminds readers venturing into the treacherous world of actual voice communication to "Speak loudly enough," "Be Positive," and "Leave brief voicemails."

Is this what it's come to, America?

[via Jezebel]