With the recent news that Darren Aronofsky decided to drop out of directing The Wolverine, 20th Century Fox has a few replacements in mind: David Slade, who was recently attached to a Daredevil reboot, and Source Code director Duncan Jones.

Jones has been long rumored for various superhero gigs, including the new Superman flick, but with the recent critical and commercial success of Source Code, he seems primed to garner the attention of even more big studio heads. But, of course, he could always use his new found cred to get some of his original scripts backed, such as the Blade Runner-esque sci-fi movie he recently discussed with us.

Slade’s inclusion is perhaps the most interesting because not only was he originally set to direct The Wolverine before Aronofsky got the gig, but he was also just confirmed to take over the reigns on the new Daredevil film for Fox.

It’ll be interesting to see just how long Hugh Jackman is willing to wait around for a new director before he moves on from the role of Wolverine.

[Via The Playlist]