More tidbits from WonderCon are leaking by the nanosecond (watch four minutes of Green Lantern here) as Warner Bros. Animation adds some juice to the much-anticipated reboot of ThunderCats. Set to air later this year on Cartoon Network, the show features the vocal talents of Will Friedle (Batman: The Brave and The Bold) as Lion-O, Kevin Michael Richardson (The Cleveland Show) as Panthro, and Larry Kenney, who will voice the young cub's father, Claudius.

One of the major changes, besides the animation, is that Thundera is still an existing city, and it'll still be destroyed. The Cats' journey will begin in the wilds of the planet instead of venturing into the new world of Third Earth. Also revealed during WonderCon was the fact that Lion-O, while seen with his younger body, will be aged at a specific point as the series moves forward. Other returning characters include Jaga and Mumm-Ra, as well as WilyKat and WilyKit, both whom have tails in this version. Fans of the series need not worry at all as the Thundertank will appear in the show featuring a very similar design and there will be many brand-new crafts as well.

Twenty-six episodes are guaranteed, but the hope is to beat the original series' run of 135 eps. The big task for everyone on board is to "heat everything up," something Kenney joked during the panel discussion.

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