At month's end, Melbourne will be hyper-dense with cool as it hosts Carbon: A Festival of Contemporary Style, Design and Culture. The three day event brings together arbiters of swag from the worlds of art, fashion, music, and more, for panel discussions and presentations fixed around subjects like branding, hype, and building a t-shirt label.

Guests include Futura, the acclaimed street artist, Bobby Hundreds, founder of the successful clothing label The Hundreds, and Complex's own Editor-In-Chief, Noah Callahan-Bever. NCB, along with Frank Liew, founder of Qubic store, and Chooee Hwang, founder of, will discourse on the art of hype in the internet age.

If it's possible to accumulate cool via proximity to those who possess it in excess, you'll leave Carbon frosty.

For a full schedule of events, please check out Carbon's website.

A Festival of Contemporary Style, Design and Culture
Friday, April 29 to Sunday, May 1
Federation Square
Swanston St, Melbourne, Australia