Ever since he was introduced to comic fans in 1941, Steve Rogers has always been known as the first Captain America. But after he was apparently killed following Civil War in 2007, his old WWII partner Bucky Barnes has taken up the Captain America name.

Now Marvel has announced that, after being resurrected in 2010, Steve Rogers is finally set to reclaim the mantle with the launch of Captain America #1 this July. This will be the first time Rogers has donned the famous star-spangled costume since he was gunned down and apparently killed in Captain America #25 back in 2007. This new Captain America book will follow the story that Ed Brubaker has been crafting since he started writing the character in 2004. Brubaker will be joined by fan favorite artist Steve McNiven.

“I gave myself a few challenges for this new #1—I wanted to do the perfect Cap comic for anyone who walks out of the Cap movie and wants to know what's next, but it also had to build on everything I've done on the book beforehand, too, and feel like the natural next step,” explains Brubaker.

That’s not the only book that Captain America will star in either, according to Marvel. The original Captain America book will be re-titled Captain America and Bucky in July with issue #620. The book will focus on Cap’s adventures with Barnes during WWII and will show how both characters got to where they are today. Captain America and Bucky will also be written by Ed Brubaker, along with Marc Andreyko, and with art by Chris Samnee.

“What was Cap like in the early days, before WWII started? This is a question I've wanted to explore for years. And of course, the whole series ties directly into what's going on in Captain America and Fear Itself, and sets up future plans for [CLASSIFIED],” said Brubaker.

Both books will be released in July in conjunction with the theatrical unveiling of Captain America: The First Avenger on July 22.