Some new gameplay details have emerged from the Batcave regarding Batman: Arkham City.  We’ll start off with the bad news: there will be no multiplayer support and the single-player campaign might be considered short.  Rocksteady has said that their QA team (who know the game inside and out) can complete the single-player mission—without side quests—in about 8 hours.

On the positive side, though, Rocksteady is improving on several areas they feel they fell short on in the first game, including revamping detective mode to make it feel more like a tool than a god-mode exploit. The first game also had fairly disappointing boss encounters, and Rocksteady admitted that they were thrown together at the last-minute. For Arkham City, boss battles have been planned from the start and should be more epic. Finally, the world is open right from the start; the devs' mantra was “you’re Batman, you can do what you want.” Hold on to your utility belt, kids—this game is going to be wild. [via CVG]