In Lars von Trier's Antichrist, a child's death leaves two unnamed parents in a bit of a lurch. To aid in the grieving process, which has been particularly hard on the woman, they take a trip to their cabin in the woods. Lots of bad things happen there.

That's the most objectively true summary we can muster right now. It's up to you, the viewer, to decide if you've witnessed misogynistic drivel, beautiful excess, or something in between. (For the record, we're leaning towards beautiful mess marked by anguished moments of real insight into the grieving process. But we watched the whole thing squinting, with our hands half-covering our eyes.)

When the film premiered at Cannes in 2009, a few audience memebrs fainted. The film received an "anti-award" for its perceived misogyny. Also, Charlotte Gainsbourg, who plays the woman, received the award for Best Actress. Mixed, right?

If there's another objectively true thing that can be said of the film, it's that it should be seen. Decide for yourself. (Also, be sure to watch the gorgeous trailer for von Trier's new film, Melancholia, which seems to tread similar ground.)

[via Flavor Pill]

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