This weekend, Eat Bar in Arlington, Va screens John Hughe's classic starring Matthew Broderick as the quintessential high school hero. The film’s impeccable comic timing and scene-stealing moments from Jeffrey Jones as legendary principal Ed Rooney spawned numerous catchphrases and set the hearts of many a teenager on fire with the desire to wreak untold havoc upon large metropolitan areas during school hours.

While Broderick went on to numerous other movies and Broadway appearances, it's puzzling is that Mia Sara and Alan Ruck, who play Ferris’s companions in absentia, didn’t move on to greater fame. Hell, even Charlie Sheen has a cameo as a knuckle-cracking, advice-doling hoodlum in the police station.

Ferris Bueller's Day-Off (1986)
Sunday, April 3
8 p.m.
Eat Bar
2761 Washington Blvd, Arlington, Va.
Free Admission