Are you excited about Arnold Schwarzenegger's first bonanza move back into the entertainment spotlight? After saying goodbye to the hot seat in California, the Austrian muscleman has kicked off his comeback campaign with an animated TV series and superhero comic book project entitled The Governator, both of which are being developed with Marvel legend Stan Lee. The show will be exactly what you think it is: Arnie turns superhuman, fights G.I.R.L.I.E. men, and turns bills into state legislatures (or something like that).

But that's not enough for the former action hero star; now, there's talk of a 3D film, as well.

Deadline reports that a film will be ready for a 2013 release, and while the site doesn't specify whether or not it will be animated, that's the implication. What else makes this news so badass is that Arnie's animated alter-ego might fight tyranny in the Middle East. Could we see The Governator square off with a Muammar al-Qaddafi look-alike with the fate of the world in the balance? Who knows.

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