Apple may be dominating the tablet market, but a new report shows that it's losing in the mobile phone war to Google's Android platform

ComScore, a mobile market analyst firm, released its latest report showing Android grabbed 7% of the mobile market from November '10 to February '11 to brings its market share to 33%. Apple, the third most widely used platform, grew 0.2% during the same period from 25% to 25.2%. 

RIM's BlackBerry market share saw the most precipitous drop off with a loss of 4.6 percentage points, brining its share down to 28.9%. 

For the few of you wondering, Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 fell from 9% to 7.7% and Palm's WebOS fell to 2.8%. 

comScore Top Smartphone Platforms

Is Android poised for a takeover of the mobile industry like Microsoft did with desktop computers in the '90s? Maybe. Three of the top five handset manufactures make Android phones at a dizzying pace. The number of apps available for the platform keeps growing—not to mention the opening of Amazon's new Android app store and RIM's decision to allow its upcoming PlayBook tablet to run Android apps. And it's getting better with each version. We'll have to wait and see. 

However, looking at comScore's data, one thing is certain: BlackBerry needs a hit. Soon.

[comScore via Business Insider


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