Alec Baldwin caused quite a stir on Tuesday night when he told Vulture that 30 Rock would be ending in 2012—and not because of the Mayan-approved apocalypse. Baldwin's comments were summarily shot down by 30 Rock representatives, but that doesn't mean he's not planning to leave anyway.

Writing for Huffington Post, Baldwin claims that he hopes 30 Rock lasts another five seasons. "Next year hopefully won't be the last. Kenneth can run the network. Jenna will get her own talk show. Tracy will become Mayor of New York. Then resign to go raise exotic reptiles. And Lemon will go do... just about anything she sets her mind to." Crisis averted! Or, maybe not.

After all, Baldwin makes no mention of himself in this piece, and barely mentions Tina Fey. If both of their contracts are up at the end of 2012, isn't it possible that 30 Rock could have a Steve Carell situation on its hands next year? Don't be surprised if Will Ferrell winds up working at Kabletown in the next 12 months.

[via Huffington Post]