Graham Pendrill

Position: Businessman
Year: 2009
Complex says: Though not super duper rich like the others on this list, Pendrill was a millionaire and had a nice size fortune—one that he gave up to live a much more simple lifestyle

When Pendrill was 56 years old, he took a trip to Kenya and instantly fell in love with the culture. The wealthy traveler started wearing the clothes of the Masai tribe, and he became so respected that he was elected elder of the tribe after putting an end to a tribal dispute.

When Pendrill arrived back home in England, he put his 12-bedroom house on the market and decided to permanently move to Kenya to live in mud huts with the Masai people. A truly heartwarming story. By the way, this story has a much more sinister ending to it if he says "Forget Kenya, let me give Somalia a try."