Assassinated By: Assassins on motorcyles
Cause of Death: Six bullets fired into Guerin's car window

In 1996, Veronica Guerin, a hardnosed Irish crime reporter, caught wind of illegal drug rings in Dublin and vowed to expose the truth. Her pugnacious work ethic ultimately led to her death, however, once drug traders tracked her down. While she was stopped at a red light on the Naas Duel Carriageway, two assassins on motorcycles pulled up alongside her ride, broke the window and shot her to death while she was on her cell phone.

Cate Blanchett played the late reporter in Joel Schumacher's 2003 film, and the assassination scene is quite raw. Most of the camerawork is shot from inside the car, giving the impression of what Guerin herself must've saw during her last seconds, and Blanchett sells the scene with her usual gusto. On a list full of guys being assassinated, the sole female loss is also one of the nastiest.