Assassinated By: Arthur Bishop
Cause of Death: Held underwater inside a swimming pool

In the first scene of his most recent dude-kicks-ass flick, The Mechanic, Jason Statham puts in his bid to one day play Aquaman. We hope that never happens, though; Aquaman's cinematic appeal is on par with Keanu Reeves.

Besides, no scene in a movie about the underwater superhero would come anywhere as close to the badass-ness of The Mechanic's opening hit. Statham's assassin character is first seen snatching his lap-swimming mark from the depths of his pool and drowning him while clueless bodyguards look on, unaware that their boss is not diving but dying. When the man's body floats to the surface and his compound erupts in panic, Bishop simply ditches his wet suit for a servant's uni and slips out. Think twice next time you throw on your Speedo (and not just because you're throwing on a Speedo).

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