Assassinated By: Paz
Cause of Death: Shot through the head by a sniper

Matt Damon's Bourne films rank as three of the best action movies of the new millennium. The fight scenes are bruisers, the direction is always crisp, and Damon equally shows off his tough-guy and charismatic leading man sides. Of the three movies, though, the most recent one, The Bourne Ultimatum, holds up as our favorite, and much of the credit goes to director Paul Greengrass.

The English filmmaker's kinetic style is typified in this scene, which comes early into the film and sets the livewire tone. Jason Bourne is trying to protect a reporter (Paddy Considine) from a CIA-hired assassin, Paz (Edgar Ramirez), but the guy's obnoxious and unwilling to fully cooperate. Like a dumbass, the reporter shrugs off Bourne's advice, charges into a crowded train station, and feels one of sniper Paz's bullets up close and personally.

Greengrass' signature use of handheld cameras lends the scene an on-the-ground franticness, ratcheting up the tension and showing all of the recent Bourne knockoffs how it's really done.