Assassinated By: Flattop and Itchy, Big Boy Caprice's top enforcers
Cause of Death: Tommy gun spray

In the pantheon of gangster films, Dick Tracy rarely gets mentioned. Maybe it’s the flick's cartoonish nature, which makes sense considering that Warren Beatty tried to remain as faithful to the original 1930s comic strip as possible, yet that’s precisely why Dick Tracy deserves some love. Sure, the mobsters are mostly hideously deformed goons in shiny suits, and the ruthless conniver behind The Blank’s mask turns out to be Madonna of all people. Despite all of that, we still fucks with Dick Tracy.

Directed by Beatty (who also stars as Tracy), the movie lays its cards on the table right in the opening scene. Five Mafia types are gathered inside a garage for some gambling, among them being such colorfully named, and fugly looking, goons as The Rodent, The Brow, and Little Face. As The Kid watches, two of Big Boy Caprice’s (Al Pacino) thugs crash through the door and unload Tommy gun rounds into all of them.

Multiple homicide, old-school weaponry, and a dude who looks like Jabba the Hut’s mini me in a cheap suit—what’s not to love about Dick Tracy’s opening hit?

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