Assassinated By: Unseen gunman
Cause of Death: Gunshot

The Parallax View is one of the better thrillers to emerge from the '70s, featuring a great performance by Warren Beatty and an overpowering sensation of paranoia. The plot's series of backstabs and unforeseen reveals kicks off with the assassination of an influential senator as he's giving an on-camera interview.

When watched for the first time, the scene's impact is pretty shocking. The camera hangs around behind Senator Carroll, and all we see from behind is his body rocked by an unseen killer's bullet. The Parallax View's unpredictable mood is cemented from this opening sequence, which also introduces veteran actor William Daniels' all-important character. Anyone who grew up on episodes of Boy Meets World should recognize him as the future Mr. Feeny. From dark thrillers to TGIF—how's that for a career arc?