Assassinated By: The Joker
Cause of Death: Poisonous gas and a car bomb, respectively

Christopher and brother Jonathan Nolan's script for the box office abuser The Dark Knight is a meticulously plotted cat-and-mouse game between the Joker and Gotham City's entire law enforcement division, vigilante do-gooder Batman included. For his part, Heath Ledger's Joker doesn't just kill people—he stages complicated death games.

Early into the story, Joker sets out to show the city's organized crime outfits that he's an invaluable asset. His quasi-audition: a double-sided assassination. At the same time, the police commissioner inhales poison and drops dead while the judge responsible for foiling the criminals' plans explodes thanks to a car bomb which sprays "joker" playing cards into the air. No smoking aces, though.