Assassinated By: Kim Jae-kyu
Cause of Death: Gunshot through the head, execution style

As vicious as the above scene may be, The President's Last Bang is actually a dark comedy. Did you not laugh while watching a fictionalized version of Korean President Park Chung-hee getting shot to death in cold blood? How could you not? It's a real knee-slapper!

The majority of the movie takes place directly before and after the assassination, so there's not much room to show Park Chung-hee doing anything other than the partying and cavorting that's hinted by in the scene's setting. Not surprisingly, the slain president's son hates the movie, chastising it to the point of public condemnation and lawsuits. Chung-hee is shown as a somewhat goofy lightweight, drinking like a fish and entertaining several chicks at once.

But the real laughs don't kick in until Korean Intelligence Agency director Kim Jae-kyu puts the gun to his head—just kidding. We're not sure how The President's Last Bang qualifies as a comedy, but the assassination scene is nevertheless a brain stain.