Assassinated By: Elle Driver
Cause of Death: Eats poisoned fish heads

Oddly enough, Kill Bill sage Pai Mei needed his fish heads to be poisoned before he became terminally sick. Just the thought of chomping down on Nemo's skull makes us feel all queasy inside—we'll stick to crab cakes and lobster, thank you very much.

Pai Mei (Gordon Liu) is a man of ancient traditions, though, so fish heads are like popcorn shrimp to him. Knowing that he loves them so much, Elle (Daryl Hannah) adds some extra, deadly sauce. Back in her training days, Elle was a disobedient shit, so Pai Mei ripped out one of her eyes as a form of cruel and unusual punishment. Elle eventually gets her revenge, shown in a quick flashback before Elle's ass gets kicked by Beatrix Kiddo (Uma Thurman) and left to become a black mamba snake's plaything.