Assassinated By: Nathuram Godse
Cause of Death: Shot in public, while surrounded by a crowd of followers

Richard Attenborough's lauded biopic of Mahatma Gandhi is notable for, amongst other things, having an interesting structure. Unlike most tragic biopics that save the inevitable death scene for last, Gandhi opens with the legendary nonviolence advocate's (played by Sir Ben Kingsley) murder, getting the wholly negative event out of the way and allowing for Attenborough to center the film more on Gandhi's teachings and work.

It's one hell of a grabbing way to start a movie. An elderly Gandhi's closest associates help him walk out to meet and greet a crowd of followers, and as he's about to shake hands and kiss babies, Hindu nationalist Nathuram Godse strolls right up to Gandhi and empties a round into his chest. For a movie about the power of nonviolence, the assassination opening is a muscular left-hook to the gut.