Assassinated By: Hitmen hired by Colombian drug kingpin Felix Cortez
Cause of Death: Shot by snipers as rocket launchers blow up everything around him

Clear And Present Danger features without a doubt the most extravagant assassination on this countdown. Most of the entries here deal with shootings; FBI Director Emil Jacobs, however, is killed in the midst of rocket launchers, blown-up cars, and a bunch of snipers running across rooftops. Sure, it's an overcooked way to kill one man, but it makes for a truly badass action movie sequence.

Colombian bad guy Felix Cortez sleeps with Jacobs' secretary to learn that the FBI head is in Colombia to screw Cortez's crew out of money. Upon arrival, Jacobs is met by a welcoming party armed with the aforementioned rocket launchers and sniper rifles; the only person of note to survive the blitzkrieg is Jack Ryan (Harrison Ford), who is of course immune to such things as missiles and bullets. Because, come on—he's Harrison friggin' Ford! Indiana Jones can't die in his own movie!