Assassinated By: Assassins hired by Michael Corleone
Cause of Death: Shotgun blasts and handgun bullets

The Godfather's legacy as one of the greatest films ever made is common knowledge, but every superlative piece of work has its highest point. In the first part of Francis Ford Coppola's epic mob trilogy that standout part comes near the end, and it's a whopper.

It's also incredibly haunting. Juxtaposed against church organs and the christening of Michael Corleone's (Al Pacino) nephew, assassins hired by the Corleone's terminate each of their rival crews' leaders. Straightforward hits would've been effective on a bloodthirsty scale, but Coppola goes for an extremely hypnotic effect, using the eerie organ arrangement to give the sequence a Gothic, surrealist feel.

As the guns bust, the music intensifies, and in the cleverest bit, one of the bosses is trapped inside revolving glass doors and mowed down. Who could've imagined that multiple homicide could provide such a religious catharsis?