Assassinated By: Adrian Veidt/Ozymandias
Cause of Death: Thrown through the window of his high-rise apartment

No guns. No knives. And, nope, no rocket launchers. The assassination that opens Zack Snyder's film version of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons classic graphic novel Watchmen happens with little more than punches, kicks, and an overuse of slo-mo. The amateur cagematch pits Edward "The Comedian" Blake against a mysterious attacker (later revealed to be his former superhero colleague Adrian "Ozymandias" Veidt), and the Comedian doesn't stand a chance.

He's thrown around his high-rise apartment like a rag doll, smashing into walls and tables in a rather one-sided fight. Veidt, who's actually half the size of Blake, somehow dominates, though the worn-down Blake gives the impression of self-defeat before the brawl even begins. He probably would've been happy just having his head crushed into the floor or something, but Veidt takes the higher road—as in, skyscraper-high. Just like in Moore's comic tome, Blake is tossed through the glass windows and straight into the afterlife.

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