Assassinated By: Vito Corleone
Cause of Death: Shot three times at point-blank range

For some guys, an entrepreneurial spirit means they're quick to use a Bachelor's degree in business to launch a new enterprise or two; Vito Corleone (Robert De Niro), however, isn't your average goal-oriented man. When he sees an opportunity to overtake New York City mafia head Don Fanucci, whom Vito sees as inept and susceptible to dethroning, the young go-getter decides to take him out.

Vito runs across rooftops in order to beat Fanucci to his apartment; once there, Corleone patiently waits in a darkened entranceway for the unaware chief. Along the way, one of the many classic pieces of Godfather music plays, a score later sampled for Nas and Jay-Z's "Black Republican" (a fun fact for all you rap dudes out there). Once Fanucci arrives, Vito blasts him three times using a handgun wrapped in a towel (to silence the discharges). Shortly after, Vito becomes the HIIC (Head Italian in Charge) within the neighborhood.

Good luck finding a business school that'd teach that kind of power move.