Assassinated By: Police officers
Cause of Death: A flurry of machine gun fire

One of the most memorable film endings of all time, the last moments of Bonnie & Clyde are bleak as hell—as they should be, since the movie's about history's notably doomed bank robbers/lovers.

It all starts off so tranquil for Bonnie and her dude Clyde. Driving along an empty country highway on a gorgeous and sunny day, the bandits are feeling like they're on top of the world, and who can blame them. Up until then, they've evaded the law and netted heavy bounties with relative ease.

Exemplifying the old saying, "Crime doesn't pay," Bonnie & Clyde ends with just—and, yes, kind of sad—comeuppance. Clyde pulls their car over to help a double-crossing acquaintance with tire trouble, yet is instead bombarded by gunfire from cops hiding out in the surrounding bushes. It's clips ahoy as he and Bonnie absorb enough lead to start a pencil factory. In the blink of an eye, the film's tone shifts from effervescent to utter gloom.