Lyric: "Yo shit ain't never gonna pop like ten gold chains / That's why ya b***h blowin' on me like Nintendo games"

See, back in the '80s, games came on these plastic cartridges that had one open end where the cartridge would dock in the console. And that open end would often attract dust, which led to faulty connections and could interfere with enjoying said game. Mindful of that hazard, people would often blow on the end to clear out any offending dust particulates before inserting the game cartridge. Now, what Lloyd Banks did here to to pair that concept of literal blowing, or creating a forceful and directed current of air, with the figurative usage of "blowing," which is shorthand for "performing the act of fellatio," or "manipulating a penis with one's mouth to produce pleasurable sensations." So by conflating the literal and figurative usages of the term, he was able to create a humorous effect that is commonly called "wordplay," and thus a "memorable punchline."