Quick, name two staples of life that previous generations simply would not have been able to imagine existing. And no, "Internet porn" is not one of them. The actual answers are: video games and hip-hop. Both blew minds when they first emerged in the ’70s, and both have grown into the mainest of the mainstream, generating untold milllions of dollars and changing the landscape of popular culture as we know it.

The thing is, much like two people who grew up together, they've long relied on each other for support. Without hip-hop (specifically, gangster rap), we wouldn't have had Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. And without video games, rappers wouldn't have had larger-than-life personalities (and insanely exaggerated weaponry) to associate themselves with in their lyrics. Video game movie soundtracks have songs inspired by games, and compilations like Game Over pair rappers with games...to varied results. But those are concentrated efforts, novelty acts; there's nothing we love so much as hearing a rapper name-checking a video game or character organically and unbidden. So without further ado—on 4/20, the perfect holiday to enjoy both music and video games at a, ahem, heightened level—we present the 50 best video game references in hip-hop. All killer, no filler.