Zack Snyder has been talking up a planned sequel to 300 for years now, but since he's taken the job directing Superman for Warner Bros., his attention has obviously shifted.

Now producer Mark Canton is talking to MTV and assuring fans that the project is still in the works, though it will no longer be entitled Xerxes, and Snyder is almost definitely not going to direct. Guy Ritchie was rumored for the job, but it's looks like that's not going to happen. Since the crew has waited so long to put it together it's only right Canton and co. talk up how good the movie will be now:

"It’s been worth the wait. You know, that group of people [who worked on  300], we’re really a family. That’s part of what made that movie so gratifying. Rather than doing the bad sequel, Zack led the way, we took our time. And now I think we have something that is going to be fantastic."

Beyond the new title and Canton's vague, all-but-guaranteed suggestion that Snyder won't be directing, the untitled action-adventure sequel will find the future Zoroastrian king searching for godhood during the Battle of Marathon. The lead character, Themistocles, nicknamed "The Subtle Serpent," is a "lying, conniving, brilliant, heroic figure" who becomes Greece's warlord and builder of its navy.

Warner Bros. seems intent on getting the sequel into theaters sooner rather than later and is committed to its 2013 release date.

[via SlashFilm]