Mortal Kombat, as we all know, was once a dominant force in the arcades and on the home consoles. Could there be any more proof of this than the first commercial for Mortal Monday? But when the arcades died down, so did much of MK’s steam, with many of the later 3D releases all looking the same for some reason, even when they had Sub-Zero beating the shit out of Batman. 

That said, with tomorrow's reboot looking to bring the franchise back to its gory days, the series that almost single-handedly brought upon the creation of the ESRB is looking to become legendary again. So in honor of the game's initial impact, it's time for us to pop our kollars and take a look back at the 10 most unabashed style biters that Mortal Kombat spawned along the way. Some of them may have been decent, but most of them deserved to be burned by Scorpion’s flaming skull fatality. Toasty!

By Rich Knight