What's a possible outcome for five dudes, all striving for that guy status in some drab, Senior Week-style rental's kitchen?

Possibly, these five guys later smashed their souped-up Hyundai into a divider while Finger Eleven poured loudly from the car speakers embedded in the doors. As a result of the crash, the wiring became compromised in such a way that made it impossible for the arriving paramedics to turn off the CD player, which had become stuck playing the Canadian group's smash single "Paralyzer" in a loop consisting entirely of the opening riff between 0:05 and 0:08 seconds. Weirdly enough, this riff, pounding and scraping the insides of the paramedics' brains like the hooked tool dentists use to remove plaque from teeth, eroded away the sanity of the paramedics so effectively that no one in the Hyundai could be saved by the now bumbling and inept hands of the stricken paramedics.

That's just off the top of the dome, though. You know. Other things might've happened too.

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