Everyone knows that the plot lines of the various Resident Evil games would barely make a decent SyFy series. Even when the movie studios groped the franchise with their clammy hands, Milla Jovovich was still the only reason to watch. So how has RE managed to elicit so many out-loud squeals over the years? Despite B-movie stories, Capcom are experts at wielding the blunt Sword of Immersive Fear—which is 100 times more dangerous than the Spork of Bad Dialogue, another one of Capcom’s go-to game design weapons.

So we want to celebrate 15 years of Resident Evil the best way we know how: by counting down the most memorably freaky moments of the series. For every Jill Sandwich moment, we get at least two things bursting through windows or walls and scaring the manliness out of us (like the time that Nemesis burst through the window). And some RE moments aren’t bladder-failure-inducing so much as they're simply disturbing. Oh, and spoiler alert if you haven’t played any of these. Sorry, figured we should get that out of the way.

By Ryan Woo