As anyone who watched -- and obviously loved -- Friday Night Lights knows, Matt Saracen is the salt of the earth. He's the guy that girls love for being nice, and boys love for being the type of friend you can always count on (except in the immediate aftermath of his father's death, of course). Zach Gilford played the modern-day boyscout on the beloved series, and now it looks like he's doing all he can to break out of his now-type.

Deadline reports that Gilford has been cast in the pilot for Iceland, a single-camera Fox drama about "a 20-something woman who's fiance has recently passed away." Gilford will play the bad seed best friend of said woman, meaning you can expect him to put the moves on her and/or incourage her reckless behavior. Wonder what Coach Taylor would say? Probably nothing, but you know he'd give Zach/Matt a very stern glance.