Perhaps the series' best aspect is how it combines a Hollywood blockbuster-like plot with the amazing city of Tokyo. Which was why it was a bit disappointing when Yakuza 3 ditched all that and went the Okinawa route—it essentially took away a large part of what makes the franchise so interesting and fun. Yakuza 4 brings back the magic, taking place in a fictionalized version of the Shinjuku red-light municipality, Kabukicho (called Kamuro City in the game). Nevertheless, it's an amazingly faithful recreation of Japan's largest city, and the game allows you to travel along the city's cityscape, through the back alleys and underground areas (sewers, abandoned parking lots, and the commercial shopping areas). There's definitely some Lost in Translation vibe here, and it's one that we welcome almost as much as that movie's opening shot. Almost.

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