*The above is NOT the alleged robber. We just dig the ski mask way.

As if Microsoft Points thieves weren't enough, people are going for the brick-and-mortar stickups to get their hands on the goods. Apparently, a woman held up a GameStop in San Antonio this past weekend. As the store employees began closing up shop for the night, the robber came through posing as your usual shopper. Turns out she was looking to get some games with her own types of coupons: a gun and a partner in crime. Both criminals proceeded to tie up the employees, then make off with the loot.

Even worse? Turns out this isn't the first time this particular GameStop has been held up. Area merchants believe that these two culprits are the same cats that commited a robbery back in November of last year. Has it really come to this? Do they not know about the PowerUp Rewards Program? [via Gossip Gamers]