As fans of Saturday Night Live have come to realize, this season of the long-running comedy has been missing one thing: Will Forte. Without the Willster, SNL has lost some of its edge, some of its weird. Who else in the cast could play characters like MacGruber and Tim Calhoun? Jason Sudeikis? Ha! Love the Suds, but he's no match for Forte's brand of kookiness; the man is a comedic wizard.

Which is basically another way of saying we're excited by the news that Forte has been cast in Allen Gregory. The new Fox animated series -- which Forte co-produced along with Jonah Hill and French Stewart -- follows a 7-year-old boy as he heads to elementary school for the first time. Sounds like a winner, something made doubly true by the fact that Allen Gregory is one Fox cartoon not produced by Seth MacFarlane.