Finally, a full-fledged trailer for James Gunn’s peculiar superhero flick Super has surfaced, and we can’t be happier. While some lazy naysayer might judge this as an indie version of last year’s Kick-Ass, those early birds who peeped the film can surly attest it’s a much darker ride with more toned down realism. When a cocky drug dealer (Kevin Bacon) charms the wife (Liv Tyler) of Rainn Wilson’s character, Wilson decides to fight injustice by donning an alternative identity known as Crimson Bolt. Soon, an eager sidekick (Ellen Page) joins him, and the two go on a near-psychopathic escapade to diminish crime. The trailer captures the film's off-kilter tone quite well, a blend of realistic action, subtle humor, and random bursts of gore. Not to mention, we now have the first catchphrase of 2011, assuming Super makes some noise when it opens next month: "Shut up, crime!" Super hits theaters on April 1st in New York and Los Angeles.