While apocalyptic plotlines with extraterrestrials have become painfully unoriginal, we’re sensing excitement from watching the first trailer for Attack The Block, about aliens landing in the projects of London. The directorial debut of British comedian/screenwriter Joe Cornish (a close friend of Shaun Of The Dead director Edgar Wright), the film incorporates humor, but keeps an emphasis on the sci-fi thriller traits that distinctively standout, partially thanks to its ‘hood background. A crew of kids chasing after several fang-wielding giant rabbit creatures doesn’t sound too believable, but we’re going to follow through with the concept since we're digging the film's action, comedy, and originality just off this trailer (can’t forget the positive reviews it gained after its first screening, either).  While further reviews will surge after its UK theater release on May 11th, and SXSW debut next Saturday, March 12th, we have a feeling that they’ll be mostly positive. Or so we hope.