Complex Says: Another underrated Sega shooter. See a pattern developing here? Vanuqish crapped all over the usual pre-conceptions of your typical third-person shooter and gave us this masterpiece. Your main avatar was outfitted with a super-suit capable of extra speed and lethal kicks. The bullet time? Awesome. The boost sliding? Incredible to watch. The one chapter level we got for the demo was chock full of "OH SNAP" moments that had us ready for the full game. 
Demo Score: 87
Did The Full Game Live Up To The Hype?: Yes. It. Did. The excitement we expereinced off that one sample was not enough.Vanquish blew our minds. Each and every chapter was filled with insane gunplay, humongous bosses, and spectacular QTEs. We could have done without the horrible one-liners, though. "WE'RE GONNA TEAR THIS CAVE A NEW ASSHOLE!" No.