Complex Says: Top Cow Productions' famed comic book franchise finally got a vidja game! The Darkness demo let us live out the frantic scenes of the game's opening minutes. We played frightened passenger in the back seat of a car with insane mafia bosses at the wheel, then the true fun began after we crashed and burned. Turns out that voice in your head is hella evil...but good for enemy torment. Laying fools down with firearms and demon tentacles was too much fun to pass up.
Demo Score: 85
Did The Full Game Live Up To The Hype?: Yep. The finished product provided a fun first-person experience with a good story to boot. The multiplayer was ignored like a fat cheerleader, but the game still got its props after release. Since we know we're getting a sequel, we're on the lookout for that demo as well. Give in to the Darkness—Rick James. #fakedrake