Complex Says: First rule of The Club: you always speak of the club. Otherwise, you'll be doing this underrated shooter a diservice. Sega put out this sleeper hit a few years ago, and we're kinda sad that it didn't get much love from the gaming masses. Our hands-on time with the demo gave us a quick hit of third-person shootouts with plenty of baddies to blast and multipliers to rack up. We shot, we ran, we smiled. The quick pace of the gameplay made this one end for us a little too soon, we think.
Demo Score: 87
Did The Full Game Live Up To The Hype?: Yes and no. The demo was just the tip of the bullet-riddled iceberg. The full package came with a dope multiplayer mode that was perfect for a game like this. There was a crapload of violence and gun pr0n going on here—so why didn't it fly off the shelves on launch day? Your fault, America.