With companies now building robots that can clean your entire house, walk down stairs without assistance, play violin, and beat geniuses at Jeopardy, a lot of people find themselves wondering where the future of robotics will lead us. Some are shook to the core that we're one day going to live in a world ruled by droids more powerful than us. Why do people think that? Thank Hollywood

 Since the dawn of movies, filmmakers have been making flicks featuring mechanical stars. Throughout the ages, they've fallen into a number of categories: evil robots hell bent on destroying humanity, loving buddy bots looking to help mankind, and the ever popular wise-cracking robots that don't hate humans, but aren't too fond of us, either. Directors and screenwriters have attempted to predict how these machines will affect our lives in the future. Instead of thinking how life will imitate life, we prefer to sit back, relax and enjoy the robots simply as characters—as you should. Some are good, some are bad, and some fall somewhere in the middle. With that, take a look at our 50 Coolest Movie Robots of All Time.