The idea behind the marginally tense thriller Cry Wolf is kind of cool: A group of private school kids spread rumors about a serial killer as a real slayer offs their classmates one by one. At the top of the suspect list is Dodger Allen, played by gorgeous redhead Lindy Booth. The whole “cry wolf” ruse is Dodger’s idea, and when the movie’s protagonist begins to point his finger in her direction, she relies upon her exterior gifts to prove her innocence.

If potential homicide was Dodger’s only fault, she’d still qualify for this countdown, but she’s not your average provocateur. When she’s not dodging (zing!) accusations, Dodger swaps spit—and undoubtedly other bodily fluids—with their journalism teacher, played by Jon Bon Jovi (your guess is as good as ours).

So is Dodger the killer? We’re not telling, though not in fear of divulging spoilers; rather, you owe it to yourself to watch Lindy Booth in action as much as possible, considering that her cinematic output is frustratingly scarce. It’s time for a redhead renaissance.