Oh, to be a fly on the wall inside the all-girls boarding school at the center of Cracks, a new British drama opening in limited release this weekend. Taking place during the 1930s, the sensual flick hones in on a circle of attractive teenage girls (including Juno Temple, Imogen Poots, and Maria Valverde) who are all easy on the eyes and romantically smitten by their hot swimming instructor (Casino Royale’s Eva Green). As Green takes a liking to new student Valverde, the rest of the ladies become jealous and start bullying their more desired peer. Tons of girl-on-girl sexual tension. A student body made up of hot bodies. We’ll just be frank here: Cracks makes us wish we could travel back to the ’30s, don a long wig, and relive high school all over again.

Sure, the plot heads into some dark and seedy places, particularly when Green inappropriately fondles Valverde, but let’s keep things positive here, shall we? Think back to your secondary school days for a second. Despite what your mother told you, chances are the bad girls in classrooms ticked your fancy more than the studious ones. Don’t be ashamed—we’re of the same mentality. Which is why movie characters like the pretty little hellraisers in Cracks will forever take precedence over bookworms and rule-abiding ladies of student government.

Even if British dramas aren’t your thing, use the release of Cracks as an excuse to reacquaint yourselves with the 25 Naughtiest Schoolgirls in Movies. Just imagine what sort of disciplinary action you’d take on them.