Thanks to Daniel Craig’s dark and gritty James Bond movies, the 007 entries starring Pierce Brosnan have pretty much faded away from our memories. The only two things worth remembering about Irish actor’s run as Mr. Bond are Denise Richards’ unintentionally funny turn as a nuclear physicist (seriously) in The World Is Not Enough and Halle Berry’s fashionable entrance in Die Another Day. Let’s focus on the latter.

In a none-too-subtle nod to Ursula Andress in Dr. No, Berry’s first time on screen comes as she rises out of the ocean, looking hotter than ever—which says a lot—in an orange two-piece bikini. Bond/Brosnan watches her through binoculars, proving that the world’s coolest secret agent isn’t immune to Peeping Tom syndrome.

If we’d directed Die Another Day, Berry’s intro would’ve lasted much longer—ten minutes sounds about right. Extending the vision would be simple: She stands out of the water, starts drying herself off by hand, and then goes back underwater and repeats the cycle three or four more times. And then, after the fourth dip, she slowly walks toward the camera, puts her hands behind her back, unhooks the bikini strap, and—use your imagination.