Yeah, Survivor might be much more intriguing and Jersey Shore is a stronger guilty pleasure, but is there anything on TV as consistently good as The Real World? The show premiered way back in 1992, and, with the exception of the dreadful London episodes, there hasn’t been a skip-worthy season.

Tonight is the season premiere of the show's 25th season, The Real World: Las Vegas, which, as you can clearly tell from the title, takes place in Sin City, again. We haven’t seen a minute of the new season yet, but we know what we can expect: fights, hook-ups, angry black guys, bitchy blondes, preppy white dudes, and the random outcast—exactly what we have gotten over the last 24 seasons.

To celebrate another season of reality TV fuckery, we pay homage to the 25 Most Annoying Real World Cast Members of All Time. Meaning, the douchiest pains in the ass we could think of. It doesn’t get any realer than this.