15. CINDERELLA (2006)

To those Caucasian males with yellow fever, here’s a fact you might not know about your international student Korean girlfriend: Her nose, chin, and eyes were probably fixed by a plastic surgeon in Apgujeong, Seoul. Now, plastic surgery isn’t exclusive to Korea, and we’re certainly not saying all Korean females are obsessed with altering their looks. But admit it, Koreans; it’s clearly becoming a norm in your country.

Taking on the very subject as its basis, this remake of the 1970s horror flick Remodeled Beauty is very discomforting. Directed by Bong Man-dae, Cinderella is about a group of poor teenage girls who are pressured to look “pretty.” They eventually scrape each other’s face with scalpels, which sounds dumb, but it’s actually quite hardcore. Plus, the idea of an abandoned and faceless gal locked away isn't making our trips down to the laundry room any easier.