13. BREATHLESS (2009)

This isn’t a thriller, horror, or art-house flick, nor torture porn. Breathless is, for all intents and purposes, a drama. But it’s a drama full of anger, ass-whupping, and an encyclopedic collection of every curse word in the Korean language.

Men, women, and children can’t avoid the fuming rage which steams out of thug/loan shark Sang-hoon (played by the film's director/producer, Yang Ik-joon). His violent escapades simmer down, however, when he encounters a girl with a troubled past and a truculent yap.

For those wondering, this isn’t a film where the two characters engage in bizarre underage sex; it's one that masterfully illustrates the lives of those less fortunate in Korea, and brings up the cyclical tendencies of brutality. Even without exaggerated killings or gory blood spills, though, the violence displayed is so unbearably raw that it’s hard to sit through the whole film without constantly cringing.